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Memento Mori - Death and Taxes

What are the guarantees in life? Most people will say “Death and Taxes”. That sounds like a fun guarantee, correct? How can you not fear those two guarantees? At Phoenix Rising, we want to take control of both (as best we can), to ensure the most confident life we can experience this side of Eternity.
By acknowledging these two realities, and asking the question “am I ready for both”, helps our family members to walk in a greater sense of freedom with both their relationship with their benefactors and their government

What is a Multi-Family Office?

Phoenix Rising Management is much more than some Consulting Firm, we are a Multi-Family Office. Don’t feel bad if that is a term new to you. But I guarantee, once you learn it, you’ll never forget the strength of such a powerful relationship

What is a Multi-Family Office? – It all started with the concept of “MAJORDOMO” back in the 6th Century. A “majordomo” was a servant who was in charge of a wealthy masters estate and would manage all his business and financial affairs.

In the late 1800’s, with the rise of American Fortunes, JP Morgan formed the Morgan House: The original American Family Office. Mr. Morgan was smart enough to know the fact that “the more you have, the more complicated and vulnerable life can become”. He knew he needed a great team around him, and not just at the bank, but more importantly, around his personal affairs and family. His solution… A Family Office

A Family Office is built to serve all the legal, financial, and personal affairs of an extremely wealthy Families, like the Morgan’s, Rockefellers, Hunts, Kennedy’s, etc… It has a full team of

Attorneys specialized in




Real Estate

Estate / Probate


Specialized with the Families Structure and Needs

Licensed with the IRS not just the State


Corporate Governance

Business Management


Reconciling of Assets and Trust Resources

Trustee and Beneficiary Governance

Growth Management

Business Development Advisors

Wealth Managers


By putting an “ALL STAR” team to support those families that join Phoenix Rising, we are able to bring unparalleled support and protection to our clients to allow them the ability to grow their businesses without fear of having it all taken away or squandered.

How Phoenix Rising Helps our Family (and other families)

One thing we have ALWAYS taken seriously is the gift of our family. Here on this Earth, there is no grater treasure that we have. SO keeping it safe, secure, and prosperous is a “top of the list” priority. SO how do we go about doing that?

Wisdom is learned both through experience and others. One costs a lot less, and that’s a big part of the value we have to offer

We know that everything can be taken away much faster than it takes to build it if you do not have your wealth and assets protected.

Taxes are a challenging and highly specialized field, and it requires a team who specializes in maximizing the benefits of the Tax Code and laws

We consider our death before its too late. This might sound a bit morbid, but is actually freeing because we no longer have to worry about it.

If you have been in business for very long, you know the fact “you can’t do it all on your own” and the importance of the right team

Keeping these thoughts and principals in mind

we have built a system that accomplishes solutions to all these challenges.

Who is Invited to be a Part of the PRM Family

The Family table at Phoenix Rising is comprised of a few specific segments in the world of success. We want to me a “master of a few” and not a “jack to all”, so that has limited the segment we service and invite “over to dinner”


o Asset Protection
o Generational Wealth Planning and Implementation
o Tax Planning for Trusts
o Trustee Services
o Compliance
o Exit Strategies
o Philanthropic Advisory
o Market Penetration

It’s Not what You Know, But who You Know

Phoenix Rising is a Referral Only Multi-Family Office because a lot of what we do is incredibly private and confidential. If someone has referred you to PRM, then you have a pretty good idea of who we are and how we can preform. We would like to get to know you if you think you might be a fit for our “family”. If you would like to schedule an initial interview, pelase fill out the contact form below and one of our principals will schedule an introductory call so we can both see if this is a family you would like to be a part of.


And we will try to make it worth yout time to discuss the issue

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