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Memento Mori - Death and Taxes

What are the guarantees in life? Most people will say “Death and Taxes”. That sounds like a fun guarantee, correct? How can you not fear those two guarantees? At Phoenix Rising, we want to take control of both (as best we can), to ensure the most confident life we can experience this side of Eternity.
By acknowledging these two realities, and asking the question “am I ready for both”, helps our family members to walk in a greater sense of freedom with both their relationship with their benefactors and their government

Am I prepared to die? Am I prepared to live?

  • How will my spouse, kids and loved ones be taken care of when my time is done here on earth?
  • Will my life work be caught up in Probate Court and subject to ever increasing Estate Taxes?
  • How easy will it be for my Legacy to carry on?

While I am living, am I maximizing the Tax laws to the benefit for my current and future generations?

  • Have I structured my tax plan in a way that allows for growth and not burden?
  • How much taxes do I want to pay?
  • Do I have a skilled and specialized team to help keep me safe and protected?
what is multi family

A Family Office is built to serve all the legal, financial, and personal affairs of an extremely wealthy families, like the Morgan’s, Rockefellers, Hunts, Kennedy’s, etc…


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